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[Feature Request] Eyedropper to select color


Hi myBalsamiq team,

I’ve been a paying user for a few months, and we use myBalsamiq for creating new mockups and also for mocking new features on existing product screenshots.

When working with existing product screenshots to which I am adding new elements, I like the ability to choose a color (for buttons, text, etc), but I would like even better if there was included in the color picker an Eyedropper option, so I can quickly match to an existing color in one click. Today, the workaround involves opening up a separate image editor, loading up my screenshot, and then using the Eyedropper so I can find the exact color code.


  • Tim


Hi @Tim_Milazzo and welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for sharing your need about this, I can totally see how useful it would be to “stay” in the app for this step. You are not the first to ask for this, and I’ve added your comments to the feature request. We will definitely discuss it!

Please let us know if you’d like to see anything else added to the tool, we are always looking for new ideas!


Please consider this a +1 to request this feature. I work on existing product screenshots frequently to add features or make tweaks to the UI and being able to quickly match color of existing elements would be very useful instead of needing to use another program to get the color code.


Welcome to the forums @Dave_Kozisek and thanks for adding your vote! :slight_smile:

Keep those ideas coming!