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Feature request: Fast link creation by SHIFT-dragging a mockup directly onto an element


I´d really like to be able to SHIFT-drag a mockup (miniaturized screen or list element) directly on top of an element in order to create a link from that element to the mockup. That would be much faster than having to select the element, press the Link button and browse down to the correct mockup in the long list.


Lets say I have 50 screens and I want a link from a button on screen 26, linking to screen 27. Then I would click screen 26 so it is visible to me, and then I drag screen 27 (from the list in the left side) directly into the specific button. And vips the link is created.
Do I understand the idea correct? I like it :smile:


Indeed, That´s the idea!


Oh, this is a good idea!

Let me see what we can do :smile:

Thanks @Odd_Wiking_Rahlff! We really appreciate you sharing your ideas with us. Keep them coming!