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[Feature Request] Favourite Objects


Hey Friends,

is there a way to get a bar, or a field where I could put some favourite objects?
For example:
I right click on an object and make it a favourite. It appears in an object category just for these marked objects.


after using balsamiq for a while I have learnt to love the option to add a “object” with the keyboard:

  1. press “+”
  2. type e.g. “shape” or “canvas”
  3. press “enter” or “shift+enter”
  4. enjoy your object :slight_smile:

Of course you need to have an idea what the object is called but you can also find the “shape” when searching for “circle” for example.

Maybe this is an option for you too…


Hey @ArcticMe, hope you’re doing fine? :slightly_smiling:

I’ve added your vote for this since this is something we’ve been asked for already. We’ll discuss it again with the team, thanks for reviving the topic.
The Quick Add shortcut (suggested above by @heringsfilet) might help in the meantime, in case you don’t use it already.