[Feature Request] Filter multiple selections by type

Hello! I just saw a really neat feature in Miro that would be wonderful to have in Balsamiq: The ability to filter selected elements by type.

In Miro, after you select multiple items, you can adjust your selection by filtering down to just one element type:

In the example above, I’ve selected a bunch of elements, then opened the Filter menu.

Then I seleted “Text” from the filter menu, and here’s the results:


Now only the text is selected. At this stage, I can adjust all of the text’s properties at once. (Not shown in the screen captures.) Or delete, or move all of the selected elements.

This might be a good place for the feature in Balsamiq:


Thanks for sharing your need, @Bret_Truchan!

Let me run this idea by the team to see what they think.

We’ll be here if you need anything else.