[FEATURE REQUEST] Find and Navigate Comments


We’ve started using the comments feature and the “callout” option to communicate with stakeholders viewing our wireframes. One thing that has come up is that, once you’ve “read” all the comments there does not appear to be any way to quickly re-find the wireframes that have comments on them.

What I’d like to see, at a minimum, is something like “previous/next comments” buttons that step forward/backward through the document by jumping to the next wireframe with any comments attached. If the comments panel was not already visible it should be brought up at the same time.

One step better would be if these buttons stepped through each individual comment, “selecting” them one after the other, making any callouts visible when appropriate, in a manner similar to how MS Word allows a user to step through comments and tracked changes.



Makes sense to me, Jenni!

I’ll bring it back to the team so that we can talk about it. I think there is a lot of room to improve comments.

Somewhat related: Email notifications for comments should be coming soon. We are having off and on problems with one of our backend servers, but once that is resolved, we should push out that release. :slight_smile:

If other folks would like to see this, please like this comment, or reply below. Doing that really helps us prioritize features.


Thanks for the quick response, Brendan.

Also, will that update for comment email notifications go out to the Google Drive app at the same time as your Cloud app?

Another, solution for not being able to find comments that might be easier (and therefore faster) to implement would be to flag wireframes that have comments with an icon of some kind or even just a notification style “dot” showing the number of comments on that wireframe.



We usually like to wait a day to roll plugin updates out, Jenni, only because Balsamiq Cloud allows us to quickly triage issues that may be a pain to solve quickly on another platform.

The email notifications probably won’t be in the next update, however, as the dev team is still hammering out some of the finer details. I’m sorry to have gotten your hopes up with that.

As an aside, here is what we are kind of thinking about in terms of a notification revamp. It was a part of our Wireframing with Balsamiq Youtube series:

Let me know if that covers what you’re looking for in terms of the notifications, or there is more you’d like to see. I have a separate story for stepping through the notifications after they have been read. :slight_smile:


Bummer that it won’t be out on the next update, but such is life.

For notifications what’s in the video sounds great, however, I’m less interested in how to step through notifications before or after they are read than I am in being able to find and step through only comments, regardless of whether I’ve read them or not.

Consider the fact a notification list could include many, many items each created by an addition, deletion oir edit of a wireframe or of comments or “@” mentions - so much stuff to step through to find anything. All I want is to (a) quickly identify which wireframes actually have at least one comment and then (b) quickly “select” and step through each comment in a wireframe (potentially moving on to the “next” wireframe once on the last one for a given wireframe) allowing me to read them in ascending or descending order of when were added. Ideally, when a callout is associated with the currently “selected” comment the callout is automatically shown without requiring me to move my cursor to “hover” over the callout icon in the comment.


I’m going to put this in the story for the new notification stuff and see what the devs think. Thank you, Jenni. Your feedback here is really helpful for us.