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Feature request - Finer control of popover pointer position


I’m using the popover a lot lately, but I’m frequently unable to line the pointer up with the control it refers to. There are only five available positions for the pointer, and this just isn’t enough for me. It’s especially difficult when designing a row of controls that invoke a popover, when I need a consistent popover position and size for all controls.

It’d be sooooo much better to have a non-indented position slider, as we do on the progress bar, the sliders etc.


Hey Chris!

I think you’re right, there is a good use case for having more control of the point on the popover. I wonder if we can retool it to be draggable. I will check with the team and see what we can do here.

In the interim, if grid snapping is one of the reasons aligning the pointer is giving you fits, you can disable it by starting a drag and then holding either CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac). I feel like we have talked about that before, so my apologies if it’s duplicate information.

Thanks for taking the time to post, Chris. We will see what we can do about this. If other folks would like to see it, comment or like this post!


Thanks. No, it’s not snapping that’s the issue - just the difficulty of having to move the popup around to a position to fit the pointer location, which then means the controls on the popup then don’t fit in the screen space any more (I’m working on embedded UI rather than mobile/web, and have a lot of constraints on what I can do)