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Feature Request - Folders/Groups


I thoroughly expect someone else to have already asked for this…but yeah some way to folder/group mockups together within a project would make massive a difference to some of the work I am doing!

Maybe asking again might help push it up the list :slight_smile:


Hi @Jason_Lafferty,

I assume you’re using Mockups 3 for desktop, right?

Actually, we recently introduced a new way to organize your mockups.

To use it, select the mockup you wish to be the child and press the Tab key. The child mockup will be placed in a tree hierarchy below the mockup above it. You can then use the arrows to the left of the parent mockup to show and hide the mockups under it, as shown below:

To restore it to the top level, use Shift+Tab.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


This is perfect! Can I suggest to show this as an option on right-click of a mockup’s title showing the tab shortcutin parenthesis…may have made it a little easier for me to spot myself!


This sounds useful but I’m using 3.1.8 and can’t see this?


Hey @kati :slight_smile:

You can grab 3.3.12 from here. it’s a completely free upgrade.

Let us know if you run into any trouble.


Thanks I will ask for it!
(Getting new software at my company can be a lengthy process, we can’t install new software ourselves)


Is this desktop-only? I don’t see this feature in mybalsamiq.


We are working on a big Mockups 3 update for myBalsamiq, which will have this feature @jlilley. I don’t have a concrete timetable yet, but we are hoping to go into closed beta this summer :).


That’s great! Sometimes, this structure is primarily for organising mockups however, the parent doesn’t really need a full-fledged design - could it default to a Big Label of the parent node name?

As for interaction, could we support DnD to drag children on top of parents to nest them?


We didn’t want to change too much of how the navigator looked and felt with this, but I can totally understand just wanting to have just a label for the top level mockup. In situations like that, what I do is add a label control to the top level mockup, and name it. That way, it looks like a cover page for the child mockups underneath it.

As for drag and drop: the reason we don’t allow you to create a hierarchy with drag and drop is that we worried it would create a functional tug-of-war with using drag and drop to re-order mockups. However, once you have a single child mockup, you can use drag and drop to move the remaining mockups into that hierarchy.

Hope this helps, Steph! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us :).


Hey Brendan, I’m using myBalsamiq (big fan - please keep excelling at simplicity!). Was this update ever rolled out? I’ve got 60+ mockups in a project and need to order them properly.



Hey @EquipmentConnect!

Thanks for the kind words, my friend. :slight_smile: We are glad you dig myBalsamiq.

We did roll this out, but it’s a part of a brand new product called Balsamiq Cloud. It’s similar to myBalsamiq, except it’s a lot faster, doesn’t require Flash, and has all the goodies that we have added to Mockups 3 for Desktop over the last two years. It’s priced very similarly to myBalsamiq.

When you get a chance, you should give it a go. We didn’t want to move people over from myBalsamiq automatically because we know there are some folks who will want to stay there, but if you wanted to move, it’s very easy.

Simply download your project from myBalsamiq, and then upload it to your Balsamiq Cloud space.

Cloud has a 30 day trial, so there is no rush for you to commit to changing. If you and your team would rather stay on myBalsamiq, we totally understand.

Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


cool, thanks - will give it a shot.