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[Feature Request] Free Shapes


I was really happy about how you changed the arrow/line tool, which can now be transformed into nearly every position through the free points.
Is there a way to get a shape that behaves somewhat the same?
Sometimes I which for that, especially with triangles which never are exactly how I want them.
If I was able to move around 3 corners individually, I could work way more efficient.

an example for a dirty workaround.


Hey @ArcticMe :slight_smile: Long time no chat ,my friend. Hope things are well!

I’m not sure we will be able to give shapes the insane retooling that we gave to arrows, but I can definitely see some room for improvement here. I’ll bring it up with the dev team :).

While not a great work around, you could use 3 lines (arrows without heads) and create a triangle that has a bit more articulation. It’s not quite the articulation you are looking for (and the corners can get a little messy), but it may ease some of the pain. Give it a shot and let us know!


Hey @Brendan, everything is fine, how about you? :slightly_smiling:

Yeah, the lines were my first idea, too. And then I tried to fill them with colour… :wink:


Yeah…it’s not a great workaround :stuck_out_tongue: