[Feature Request] Global Search / Find and Replace


Is Global Find and Replace on the roadmap? I have wasted many hours manually changing text across my mockups without this feature. I have found global find and replace invaluable in Dreamweaver and Omnigraffle, saving me many hours of work.

And since I am using Balsamiq Mockup as my primary wireframing tool at my current company, it would be nice to have this feature on my favorite tool! :smile:

Please add Global Find and Replace to the next release of Mockup 3!

Thank you,


@Michael_Yee, There is already a topic on this subject from back when B3 was still in Beta: You can find it at this link. :smiley:


It’s one of our most-requested features but it’s a bit challenging technically. We’ll get to it though. Thanks for your patience.


Care to elaborate as to what kinds of technical challenges are involved?


@leon, FYI, Global Search and Replace is much more important to me than some of the recently introduced features, e.g. PDF print dialog and Alternates (aka version/branches). I would have been more happy seeing global replace and more bugs fixed than either of these features. Although, I did think that background music was fun. :smile:

BTW, global replace would have been really handy last week as I spent another 2 hours manually finding and replacing text. Ugh!


You can export it as a BMML and find/replace with a text editor. After you can import it back into the mockup and it should still work and lal the text will be replaced.


This is a huge need on my end. Even just finding a mockup is a challenge. Someone will give me the name of a mockup they want changed, but then I have to scroll through to try to find it.

I used to do all my mockups in Excel and the big advantage was I could find and replace on anything - including comments (equivalent of Balsamiq custom properties). I have discovered that for larger projects, as clunky as Excel is, it still makes more sense than Balsamiq because of this one feature.


What about just search / find, without the replace part?


I would like to add a vote for a search function please! Replace as well would be even better but even just search would save me a lot of time.
Sometimes I have a lot of similar mockups but they’re not similar enough to use symbols, as the symbols can’t be nested. So if I need to change a label it’s difficult to find everywhere I’ve put it.
Also I add a lot of markup notes and then forget which one of the many similar mockups I’ve put a certain note on…
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi again @kati,

I’ve added your vote for this and also for nested symbols, as both are actually on the roadmap.

Thanks for sharing your needs with us today, we’ll get there! :slight_smile:




Find/replace would be helpful here as well. Symbols can technically help, but that would require planning ahead. Too much thinking :yum: Thanks for a fantastic product.



I received a Balsamic mockup today and it had a consistent spelling error on 30 of the 46 "slides"
The word was displayed as “recive” and not “receive”

Not finding a Search and replace in the edit menu I came to these forums and found this thread.

I took a chance and opened the CustomName.bmpr file in NotePad++ … it’s a SQLite format 3 file.

So I downloaded SQLite 3 command line tools from http://www.sqlite.org/download.html.

Then did the following steps:

  1. Saved the http://www.sqlite.org/2016/sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3140200.zip
  2. Place a copy of the CustomName.bmpr file into the folder where SQLite3.exe was extracted.
  3. Open a command line window.
  4. Change directory
  5. Enter command SQLite3 CustomName.bmpr
  6. You will see the SQLite version number and build date.
    Enter ".help for usage hints. and a SQLite> prompt.

7: At the prompt type in the following
UPDATE RESOURCES SET DATA = replace(DATA, ‘recive’, ‘receive’) WHERE DATA LIKE ‘%recive%’)’;

  1. Press enter if you are successful you will receive another SQLite> prompt.
  2. Open your file in Balsamic and view your changes.

I will be the first that will say this pales in comparison to the built-in feature but if you have a 3-4 hours project of hunting and pecking through a 50 sheet deck. This 10 minute approach may work well for you.


Better BMML/Plaintext Support
Balsamiq Query Language? Platform Extensibility?

Thanks for sharing this. I had discovered the same thing, but had neglected to be as considerate as you were by letting others in on it. As you say “this pales in comparison to a built-in feature” but it is a lot better than nothing.


It would be so nice to see Search / Find and Replace added to the software sometime this year!