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[Feature Request] Global Search / Find and Replace


Is Global Find and Replace on the roadmap? I have wasted many hours manually changing text across my mockups without this feature. I have found global find and replace invaluable in Dreamweaver and Omnigraffle, saving me many hours of work.

And since I am using Balsamiq Mockup as my primary wireframing tool at my current company, it would be nice to have this feature on my favorite tool! :smile:

Please add Global Find and Replace to the next release of Mockup 3!

Thank you,


Variables for labels

@Michael_Yee, There is already a topic on this subject from back when B3 was still in Beta: You can find it at this link. :smiley:



It’s one of our most-requested features but it’s a bit challenging technically. We’ll get to it though. Thanks for your patience.

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Care to elaborate as to what kinds of technical challenges are involved?

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@leon, FYI, Global Search and Replace is much more important to me than some of the recently introduced features, e.g. PDF print dialog and Alternates (aka version/branches). I would have been more happy seeing global replace and more bugs fixed than either of these features. Although, I did think that background music was fun. :smile:

BTW, global replace would have been really handy last week as I spent another 2 hours manually finding and replacing text. Ugh!



You can export it as a BMML and find/replace with a text editor. After you can import it back into the mockup and it should still work and lal the text will be replaced.

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This is a huge need on my end. Even just finding a mockup is a challenge. Someone will give me the name of a mockup they want changed, but then I have to scroll through to try to find it.

I used to do all my mockups in Excel and the big advantage was I could find and replace on anything - including comments (equivalent of Balsamiq custom properties). I have discovered that for larger projects, as clunky as Excel is, it still makes more sense than Balsamiq because of this one feature.



What about just search / find, without the replace part?

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I would like to add a vote for a search function please! Replace as well would be even better but even just search would save me a lot of time.
Sometimes I have a lot of similar mockups but they’re not similar enough to use symbols, as the symbols can’t be nested. So if I need to change a label it’s difficult to find everywhere I’ve put it.
Also I add a lot of markup notes and then forget which one of the many similar mockups I’ve put a certain note on…
Thanks :slight_smile:



Hi again @kati,

I’ve added your vote for this and also for nested symbols, as both are actually on the roadmap.

Thanks for sharing your needs with us today, we’ll get there! :slight_smile:

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Find/replace would be helpful here as well. Symbols can technically help, but that would require planning ahead. Too much thinking :yum: Thanks for a fantastic product.

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I received a Balsamic mockup today and it had a consistent spelling error on 30 of the 46 "slides"
The word was displayed as “recive” and not “receive”

Not finding a Search and replace in the edit menu I came to these forums and found this thread.

I took a chance and opened the CustomName.bmpr file in NotePad++ … it’s a SQLite format 3 file.

So I downloaded SQLite 3 command line tools from

Then did the following steps:

  1. Saved the
  2. Place a copy of the CustomName.bmpr file into the folder where SQLite3.exe was extracted.
  3. Open a command line window.
  4. Change directory
  5. Enter command SQLite3 CustomName.bmpr
  6. You will see the SQLite version number and build date.
    Enter ".help for usage hints. and a SQLite> prompt.

7: At the prompt type in the following
UPDATE RESOURCES SET DATA = replace(DATA, ‘recive’, ‘receive’) WHERE DATA LIKE ‘%recive%’)’;

  1. Press enter if you are successful you will receive another SQLite> prompt.
  2. Open your file in Balsamic and view your changes.

I will be the first that will say this pales in comparison to the built-in feature but if you have a 3-4 hours project of hunting and pecking through a 50 sheet deck. This 10 minute approach may work well for you.



Better BMML/Plaintext Support
Balsamiq Query Language? Platform Extensibility?

Thanks for sharing this. I had discovered the same thing, but had neglected to be as considerate as you were by letting others in on it. As you say “this pales in comparison to a built-in feature” but it is a lot better than nothing.

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It would be so nice to see Search / Find and Replace added to the software sometime this year!

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I’d like to vote for the Global Search and Replace feature.


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I am new to Balsamiq and these forums, but I was looking for a way to search and possibly replace similar to this thread.
The thread started in 2015 and I don’t see that even though it is at the top of the list that it has been resolved.
Does this kind of request normally take 4 years?
When do you see the search/find/replace functionality implemented?



Totally fair question, @ScottArmand.

To pull back the curtain a bit, we tried to do Find and Replace in Mockups 3, but it turned out to be a lot harder than we thought. We spent a month or two on it, then decided that work would be better spent finishing our (then unreleased) native editor.

The native editor is out for all of our web products, and we are close to having it ready for our desktop apps as well. Once that is done, we are going to come back to Find & Replace.

I’m sorry that it has taken so long, my friend. It is on our radar for after the new desktop apps ship, so the wait shouldn’t be much longer :slight_smile:


Feature Request: text find/replace

Was wondering if there is an estimated ETA on this feature?



There isn’t yet, @mmeierkwm. We heads-down on these new desktop apps, and we will look at features again after we have shipped those. This is definitely something we will be looking at.