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[Feature Request] Global Symbol Library


New to Balsamiq. Tried like 100 different mockup softwares. Your’s is by far the most intuitive, even if you can’t render “real windows gui”. It’s just not needed. Will buy software for sure.

The symbol library is very nice. But I am a bit puzzled that the symbol library is bound to the project (file). Is there some way to keep symbols global for ALL projects, as an example some GUI base I use all the time ?

That way you could have
[Global] << stored in user data directory

[Local] << stored in project file

Seems not intuitive to import every time. Hope I explained right.


Hey @hsatech, thanks for taking the time to get in touch about this :).

A global (or account level) symbol library is definitely something we have talked about. I’ll give the discussion a little nudge with your comments :smile:

We definitely see the usefulness of it - it’s just a matter of figuring out how the best way to implement it would be.

Thanks for the suggestion!