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[Feature request] Global symbols

I am rarely using symbols because I can’t reuse them in multiple projects. I could export/import them - but that it not efficient, and sometimes it’s quicker to just recreate a symbol altogether. I saw others posting about it. Do you have nay updates? Thanks,

Hi there @TanyaG ,

I don’t have an update for you but this is a feature we see a request for from time to time. I have added your feedback here to our tracking.

You could work round it by keeping your ‘global’ symbols in a project and cloning it (or keeping them in an off-line BMPR project file and uploading that when required) but we recognize that’s not as convenient.

+1 to this request. I have a standard symbol library that I copy to each new project, but I haven’t found an efficient way to update the standard library and then either push/pull those updates it to each child project.

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