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Feature Request Google Ads / AdSense section/container


Hi, I would like to have a Google Ads & AdSense results section/container. Many sites (including mine) will have a google Ads (AdSense) section when using my search bar or depending on how my website is found. An example would be the right side of where Google Ads is displayed.




Hi @pwhvandenakker,

While we don’t have a google ad container built into Mockups, we do have something on our community driven Mockups to Go site. You can find it here:

In case you never used Mockups to Go so far, here is the related documentation:

Let me know if that works for you or if you look for something different. :wink:


These banners look great, I’ll sure be using them when I need to. But in this particular case I really need to visualize how the site will look. So I made a Text Box with [linked text] and regular text. It works, but as in other instances, what gets me excited about this program is the availability of “standards” that save me a lot of time using mock up’s in Word or Paint.


Hi again @pwhvandenakker!

Making a symbol out of your Text box would be similar to creating a standard control. Maybe that would help? Then you can easily drag and drop it into mockups easily.

In a nutshell: You would group the elements of your newly created Adsense container, link them together, name them, and then you can add them anywhere else by dragging the symbol from the UI library.

The documentation for symbols is here:

Let us know if that is what you are looking for, or if you have any other questions! :smiley: