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[Feature request] Graphical data grid editor


It’d be great with a graphical editor for data grids, kind of like Confluence handles tables.
The current way is kind of painstaking when using large grids.


Hi again @gs1,

Improving the Data Grid control is on our roadmap, I added your comment regarding improving its editing functionality in our internal tracker so can further discuss it internally.

On a side note, we just added a full color picker for the data grid in our latest release. You can download it here if needed:

Thanks for sharing your feedback, keep it coming! That’s the best help you can provide us to improve our little tool.


Thanks, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


I would like to add my support for this feature request. During a RAD workshop with a customer I was asked to revised the column order of a heavily populated data grid. I opened the definition (F2) and realised this would be a non-trivial task (hardly Rapid). I copied the definition to the clipboard thinking Excel might be my saviour only to find the tab separation is not recognised so the entirety of each row was pasted into its own cell. Could we have a copy to clipboard feature that prepared the data for pasting into a spreadsheet. This presumes that designers have access and are comfortable manipulating data in a spreadsheet but could be a quick way of improving this rather clunky feature.


Adding my support for this feature as well. I would love to be able to change the order of columns in the grid by drag-and-drop. We use pretty complex grids and when users ask for the column order to be changed it is quite tedious. Thanks!