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[Feature Request] Handling own colours


Hello good people at balsamiq,

I am working with my companies colours at the moment which are obviously not in your colour library. Whenever I paste the colour in the little input field and hit enter on my keyboard, not only the colour is put on the object (just like I want) - it opens the text editor for the object.

Now first a question: Hitting enter after pasting the colour code into the field to make it happen is to only way to do so, right? I am not missing out on a little check button that applies the colour?

If it is like stated above I would request to change the behaviour a little:

1.) If pressed enter to confirm own colour, don’t open text field of the object I work with.
2.) If the colour is pasted into the object and I click somewhere different it is applied.
Currently nothing happens and the pasting of the colour code is revoked.

I think version 2 is more intuitive.

Have a great time,
greetings from Germany


Hey Dom! Good to hear from you, my friend. :slight_smile:

We’ve already implemented your first suggestion to the next major version (just checked for you). About the second one, I’ve added your vote for the feature request so we can measure the need for it.

Have a great summer! :parasol_on_ground: