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Feature Request - hidden expandable comments under a pin


What we’re missing compared to UXPin is the ability to add ie. a pin somewhere on the mockup (to pin-point some element) and add a comment visible only after focusing/clicking on that pin.

Currently we can only add sticky notes + arrows to pin point commented element and it eats a lot of screen real estate.


Hi @apa-sl,

Thanks for reaching out today.

This has been requested already by some users so I added your vote for this request in our internal tracker, that will help us to prioritize it for the future.

In the meantime, you can actually hide/show the comment control(s) by using the Markup feature, as detailed here:

Thanks again for the feedback, please let us know if we can be of any further help.


Unfortunately hide/show mark-up works only in edit mode, it is not available when someone is just viewing the mockup.


True enough, @apa-sl. I’m sorry about that.

We try to limit the interactivity of mockups because we want to mimic the capabilities of pen and paper.

What you could do is duplicate the mockup (so you had one with the sticky note, and one with a pin image) and link the two together.That way, when your user clicks on the pin image, it would appear to show the sticky note. They could then click the sticky note to go back to the mockup with the pin.