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Feature Request: Hide/Disable mockups without specific alternate name



Edited: Turns out the first part of this already exists. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Still interested in the last part though. I updated the title to match

Ignore this

Right now, if I have a bunch of alternates with the same names and want to make them all the currently visible option I have to select each mockup and then choose the right alternate, which is okay when I only have three or four mockups but gets tiresome when I have 10 or 20.

I’d like to see an option, perhaps a small drop down button next to the “thumbnails” and “list” buttons where you can choose between “Official” and all alternates by name. Given the current state of the feature, if a particular mockup doesn’t have an alternate by that name, it should probably stay on whatever is currently selected and a dialog should pop up that says something like “# mockups did not have alternate and have not been switched”.

This is still important:

I would, however also like to have an option to “hide” or “disable” mockups when they don’t have an alternate with a specific name. Maybe a checkbox to hide/show mockups without a selected alternate name? Or something?


Hi Jenni,
Hope you’re doing well.
If I’m understanding you correctly, then this is a feature we already have! Can you read this “Project Alternates” section of the docs and tell me if this is what you are suggesting


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Oh yes! There it is! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think I missed it because the down caret is “hollow” and so rather faint on my screen. Perhaps changing it to a “solid” down caret (e.g. from Fontawesome) would have helped.

I’d still also like to be able to “hide”/“disable” mockups that don’t have a match for the selected mockup name. As I’d like to make sure it doesn’t get lost and that others who might be interested can find it I’ve updated the title and edited my original post. :smile:


Happy to hear that we’ve got what you’re looking for. Definitely good to learn that it’s not very discoverable though. I’ll add a note to look into that.

Yes, please create a new topic about hiding mockups that don’t have an alternate with the selected name.

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I updated this one - seemed easier. :smile: