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[Feature Request] Hide hints


Hi Balsamiq,

Sometimes I demonstrate my Balsamiq screens to a customer and I need to make quick changes along the discussion. So I prefer not to use fullscreen mode. In this case the hints are just annoying!

I’d like to have an option to hide the hints entirely. In addition, as an experienced Balsamic user, I need no these at all.

See the pic: the huge hint poped up while demonstration. Neither me, no customer like it (


I feel you :slight_smile:

This should be improved as mentioned in this topic: Stop Tooltip - Double click to edit


@heringsfilet, sorry for touching your pain. Now this is my pain, too :grinning:


Hi friends! :slight_smile:

I hear you both about this one @Alexey_Kolchenko @heringsfilet and I’ve added your votes for the request. Thanks for taking the time to share it, as always!