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[Feature Request] Icon and Label, List text wrap


+1 Icon and Label text wrap.
+1 Icon and Label icon-text vertical alignment (good to have)
+1 List text wrap
+1 List transparent background
+1 List icon size options (good to have)
+1 List bulk set icon (good to have)
+1 List icon-text vertical alignment (good to have)

This is what i want to create. I can’t do it neither with Icon and Label nor List. I have listed out the feature list required which I think might help me to achieve that. Now I am using Icon and Text to make it.

Thank you!


Hi @Gemmy,

Thanks for sharing your need with us. I’ve added your votes and feature requests (for new requests) for most of these points but I wanted to share a few tips/explanations that may help for now:

  • While the Icon and Label control does not support multiline text (and thus text wrapping), you can easily work around this by using “\r”, as mentioned here. This should allow you to get the desired element in fewer steps.

  • When using the List control, the icon size will be changed if you set the text size to a different one. We feel like that is powerful enough and allows us to avoid adding another option in the property inspector.

  • We understand that it could be useful for your use case but adding an option for the vertical alignment of icons seem a little too “high-fidelity” for our starter tool. As mentioned above, we try to keep the options as minimal as possible.

Thanks again, Gemmy. We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin ,

  1. Ya~ I am aware of this work around.
  2. Nice to know!
  3. Understandable for the minimal principle.

Thank you!