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Feature Request: icons inline with text


We’ve been playing around with Axure, which also supports FontAwesome, and you can cut and paste the Unicode that FontAwesome uses for a character into a text area. Basically it’s a dingbat font that matches the icons used in the rest of the interface.

This is very useful for table cells with icons in them, or mixed-media areas like nav panels where you might have an icon in the middle of a sentence. You can replicate it with groups, but it’s much more fluent when it’s part of the text.

Balsamiq doesn’t have the ability to select the FontAwesome font for a control, let alone at the character level, so I’m not sure how this would work in Balsamiq–but consider this a feature request down the line.



Thanks for the idea @afeinman. This would be really cool! We’ll look into it. :slight_smile:



+1 I just came here to suggest this!



We use Bootstrap glyphicons inline with text inside other UI elements frequently. This would be great!



+1 A very useful addition saving hours repositioning icons to correspond with changing accordion states.



+1 for this as well. It could be an inline formatting command, like e.g. {icon:User}

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