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[Feature Request] Image resize proportionally



While I was testing out stuff.
I was wondering if there was an option to resize images with the same proportion.
I guess not.
This should be a nice feature.
Since alot of our mockups are haveing specific symbols that are resize to fit in.
Not handy if you need a calculator to do it :smiley:

Kind Regards



Hey @diederick!

Totally agree with you on this. I’ll get it added to the feature tracker so that the team can talk about it.

In the interim, you can hold SHIFT while dragging a control to constrain the proportions during the drag. Not a perfect solution, but may be easier than a calculator :slight_smile:


Aye the shift is handy.
But a link between the pixel size in the properties window would be a nice add if you want a specific size.
Hopefully we see that soon!


Hey @Brendan, any ETA on this by chance?


It is still on the radar, @docmars. I think it’s something we will look at a little more intensely once we get these new apps shipped.


Whenever you import a screenshot from a higher pixel density (e.g., Apple’s Retina Display), it’s always bigger based on the pixel density. The shift+resize works, but I usually have to do a quick bit of mental math to divide the width by 2, then shift drag it down so that it’s actual size.
What would be nice is a Resize by percent and constrain proportions. Then I could import a screenshot from my Retina display, then just resize by 50%. Also works for doubling the size of an icon or avatar.