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Feature Request: Import assets and symbols on copy & paste from one project to another


So, I just started a second project and copied the content of a mockup from my old project to my new one. The content I copied had some symbols and custom icons in it. After pasting, the symbols appeared as “empty groups” and the custom icons appeared to “disappear” (They’re actually there, just completely blank - they didn’t even revert to the default “placeholder” appearance).

Next I tried importing one each of the missing symbols and icons in the hope that they would automatically be recognized and updated. No luck. Then I cleared the content, re-copied it from the original project and hoped that, since the assets were now in the project, they’d be recognized when pasted. Still no luck.

My expectation was that, by copying content from one project to another, if it has custom icons and symbols in it these items are copied/imported and used on paste. If an asset with the same name already exists the system should ask the user whether to skip the import, replace the existing one or keep both in the same way the application does when an asset file is being imported.

On a similar note, since symbol files no longer exist as separate entities (and if they continue to be handled that way), I’d really like to be able to use “import” to select a BMPR file and choose to do the following:

  • import all assets
  • import all image assets
  • import all icons
  • import all symbols
  • import selected image assets
  • import selected icons
  • import selected symbols

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Jenni, thanks for this. I think that you ran into some buggy behavior of an earlier version. We have implemented some key features in this area around importing things properly. Does that do the trick for you? What you’re proposing is powerful, but could quickly get complicated. Thanks!


I’ll upgrade to the latest build and let you know what I think. :grinning:

And I know it’s a complex request and would require significant coding time, but from a UX perspective, assuming assets/icons/symbols remain embedded in projects not having something like this can make the process of sharing such items very time consuming. It would be helpful even if only the first four options were available (all assets, just image assets, just icon assets or just symbol assets). Especially if my suggestion to allow multi-selection of assets and mockups is implemented, as then it will be easy-peasy to delete the assets I don’t actually need in the file.


Okay, so I downloaded today’s build (999.81) and the scenario I’m talking about remains an issue:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new B3 project file and save as "Original.BMPR
  2. Import the following assets: one icon, one image and one symbol
  3. Place an icon control on the page and set it to the imported icon
  4. Place an image control on the page and set it to the imported image
  5. Place the imported symbol on the page
  6. Save your change
  7. Create another new B3 project file (leaving the original one open) and save it as “Second.BMPR”
  8. Return to your “Original” project
  9. Select all the elements on the mockup page (icon, image and symbol)
  10. Use the “Copy” command those elements.
  11. Return to the “Second” project
  12. Use the “Paste” command

My Expected Results
At Step 12:

  • The three elements are pasted into the mockup page in the new project file.
  • The icon and image assets referenced in the controls copied from the original project are imported into the new project and the pasted controls display them.
  • The symbol that was copied from the original project is imported into the new project and displayed.

My Actual Results
At Step 12:

  • The three elements are pasted into the mockup page in the new project file.
  • None of the referenced assets (icon, image and symbol) are imported
  • The icon control displays the blank icon placeholder
  • The image control displays a 77x79px placeholder with the text “Image not found”.
  • The symbol displays a 150x150px placholder with the text “Symbol not found”


Super helpful Jenni. I’ll get this logged in our internal tracker. Thank you so much!


Hello Jenni,

Andrea has been busy. I am happy to say with version 999.96 and higher copying of assets and symbols is now possible.
There is only one little requirement. The source project needs to stay open. Otherwise the app does not know from were it needs to take the additional assets/symbols.