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[Feature Request] Improve Wireframe Name Visibility

When wireframes have a long name, it is hard to discern the name in Balsamiq Cloud.

  • The Navigator pane has a limit of how wide it can expand and there isn’t a tooltip overlay when hovering.
  • The Inspector pane (Notes) title doesn’t include the option to expand its width so you can’t view the full title there. You can hover the title there, but it isn’t very clear to the user.
  • During Full Screen presentation, you can’t expand the Navigator. If you try, the pane retracts to the original width (see gif below). You also don’t have the ability to hover over the name to see the full title.


  • Include as much of the name in the title header as you can
  • Allow hovering in Navigation to show full title
  • Allow for a way to view the full title in presentation mode

Navigator Expand

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Hi there @ryanbuening

Thanks for the post. First two items are great suggestions and I have added them to our tracking.

The third one - Navigator width snapping back when in Full Screen Presentation Mode - looks like it may be a leftover from a bug we already fixed. I’ll get it written up and we’ll take a look at it.

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+1 to the tooltip for the wireframe title. I run into this all the time.

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