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[Feature Request] Interactive Full Screen Mockups


I frequently create mockups with:

  1. A “window” that shows part of a cropped group of elements. (This is really useful when dealing with mobile mockups where users are going to have to scroll at some point.)
  2. A button with a menu drop down
  3. A combo box with several options

I would love to be able to interact with those elements in the Full Screen view as if it were an application.

For example…

  1. Scroll the window with the cropped group of elements to show more of the data.
  2. Click on a menu button to reveal the menu options.
  3. Click on a combo box to reveal the options.

At present I find that I have to create additional mockups to work around the lack of this. So enhancing full screen presentation in this manner would help save significant time for me.


Hey @paulshoughton!

Can totally understand how this would be a need for you. Interactivity is a real push/pull topic here because we want people to be able to convey their idea, but without needing to become a prototyping tool.

I will definitely pass this along though as full screen mode may be a good compromise. Either way, a good discussion will come from it. For that, I thank you :slight_smile:

Please let us know if there are any other things we can to make your wireframing easier!


To give a clearer idea - I have attached the following mockup that shows a form that is too long for a mobile device:


mobile form cropped.bmpr (80 KB)


Here it is important to show the form in the context of a mobile device yet also capture the full form.

I use a cropped group to show just the initial portion of the form within the view window of the mobile device.

Being able to show that in the Full Screen Presentation mode and scroll to reveal the full form within the context of the device would be tremendously useful.