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Feature Request: Interactive Mock-ups


Balsamiq is a sweet tool, congratulations! In my view the missing link is interactivity… . especially when trying to present new functionality.

For instance, I would like to be able to show navigation all within one screen. Taking the mock-up to a ‘usable’ and living mock-up. I know it is possible to add a URL but then this leaves the Mock-up, not very fluid.

How do you fine people do this now; print outs on board, mock-up of mock-ups, … ?


Hi. I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking for in terms of showing navigation all within one screen. Are you storyboarding with all of the interfaces in one screen, or do you have separate wireframes that you want to link together?

If you’re arranging multiple interfaces in a single screen, we don’t provide something like an anchor to link between objects on the same screen—we only link between pages and aren’t providing a prototyping experience beyond that.

I haven’t seen people do this in our tool before, but it sounds a bit like you want a zoomable user interface (ZUI) like Prezi. I know Acrobat Pro has a Destinations feature for linking internally within a page. You could even export the canvas to PNG and just create an image map.


Hi Mike thanks for your response!

I would like to be able to take the ‘link between pages’ and turn it into a more interactive mock-up within a single mock-up so that I can demonstrate within one screen all the different functionality through interactive mock-ups.

For instance, clicking on an icon within the mock-up would show/hide different components within the mock-up.

Sadly it does not exist it seems and, that is my Feature Request. :smile:


That’s what I thought you were asking for. Currently we don’t provide linking to anchors in the page, although that’s something we can consider in the future. I’ll add your vote for that to our tracker.

State changes is something we don’t plan on implementing because we’re keeping the product focussed on wireframing and not prototyping. We’re not precluded from going that way in the future once we feel we’ve met all of the goals of the current product vision. We’re not there yet. :wink:

If others would like to see these features, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.


I have wanted this for a while. I work with ✪ a lot and jumping back and forth on a mockup would be very useful.


  1. Have a document with an important aspect that is similar to a particular phrase, or a footnote
  2. Click on a bracket link to focus on that footnote
  3. The link would be forward and backward (tapping back will jump back to last read portion of the document before the jump)

I can provide a better Example when I fire up MFD3


Shame that there are no plans for this as yet. There are third-party solutions out there, here are the ones I found so far (Balsamic/Mike I hope this gives you a better idea of what I meant by interactive mock-ups): and I hope this helps someone! Cheers, p


I hear you, @teknovision. With those examples, you still have to create your artwork. One thing I have on our to do list for consideration is the ability to export parts of the page using artboards, which might help people who work with multiple screens on one page.

If you’re working with multiple pages, you just simply have to use the linking feature in Mockups for static, linked prototypes. If you want to do more, there’s no reason you can’t export the pages to use in a third party app so that you can get transitions or what have you. If you want to do more than that, you’ll have to either use a tool that supports full prototyping, or some hybrid of image/editable field elements.