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[Feature Request] iPhone and iPad Screen Size


Hey Guys, would it be possible to adjust the screen size of the iPhone and iPad Object, instead (or maybe aswell) of the object size?

For some audiences it is way easier to understand what is meant, when I have this iPhone Layout around. Adjusting it is a bit stressful at the moment.

I know, there is a workaround but using any other object, scaling it and placing the iPhone Object around it, but… it could be easier :wink:

Hope you understand my need.
Best wishes


Hey @ArcticMe!

This makes total sense for us and that is something we are actually considering for the future, I’m adding your vote to the discussion and will keep you in the loop. This may be a hard one to implement so nothing decided yet but hearing that it meets your needs is helpful.

Thanks a lot for keep sharing ideas my friend, hope you’ll have a great weekend! :slight_smile:


PLEASE PLEASE do this. Having a screen that was the real size would be so much easier to work with.