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[Feature Request] Iphone


Hey Guys,

it’s that time of the year again where I have to present an app mockup in front of some high level managers and they love to see visuals. Neither the app developer, the artist nor me need this to understand how the app will work. But you know how the people can be who make the decisions :wink:
So I have to use the iphone object. Sorry for the hard words, but this object is really not that great.
You have some neat options, like the orientation or the status bar with an actual clock (nice! :heart_eyes:) but when it comes to optimizing the size, it can give you a really hard time. Please have a look at these two screenshots to understand what I mean.
I am trying to match the exact screen size of the iPhone 6 with this object, but all I can aim for is the total size of this object. And thats not too responsive.

The graphics itself does not change, just the alpha around the graphics.

So here is my question:
Would it be possible to get another 2 text fields for x and y size in the inspector where I can adjust the screen size and the size of the whole object scales with it?


Hey @ArcticMe,

Good to hear from you again! :smile:

Mobile controls are actually being revamped while we speak. In the meantime, did you have a look to our IOS Mockups to Go section yet? Specifically this one might be helpful but the whole section might be handy!

I’m not sure we talked about Mockups to Go in the past so here is more information about it if needed. :wink:

As always, we’re here to help if you need anything else!