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Feature request: keyboard operation of thumbnail grid


When working with large projects the thumbnail grid comes in very handy - I like it!
I’d like to see a couple of enhancement though to make it more efficient:

  • Introduce keyboard shortcuts for switching between normal mockup view and the thumbnail grid, e.g. <ctrl + shift + t>
  • Eliminate the double use of the mnemonic <Alt - v - t> in the view menu (Trash vs. Thumbnail Grid)
  • Enable navigation in the thumbnail grid by the cursor keys - currently only <ctrl + tab> and <shift + ctrl + tab> work
  • Use or a similar simple keystroke to go back to the individual mockup view - I don’t think it is necessary to have renaming on the key in this context, should be sufficient.

As always, thanks for a great product! :+1:


I like em, @PhilippQF!

We will talk. :slight_smile: