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Feature request: Left align text in comment box


I would greatly appreciate it if you could default left-align text in the Comment-box!
Who ever needs center-aligned text. I have to change the alignment every every every single time I use it. There is no way to change it globally that I have found. Otherwise - great software :slight_smile:



Hey @LJOS, thanks for suggestion!

You are not the first person to ask for this, and it’s something we are talking about. I’ve added your comments to our feature tracker.

If anyone else would like to see a default alignment option for the comment box, be sure to like or comment on this post!

Keep the suggestions coming :smile:


Yes, definitely! I already posted this somewhere in this forum before, and since then I probably have had to set the comment text to left-aligned multiple hundred times :wink:


This would be great. I too do this every single time I add a comment.