[Feature Request] Leonardo UI & Custom Icon packs


I’d like to see the function to make use of other Icons besides FontAwesome. Something like the Leonardo UI library would be useful to our teams as we design mockups for software that uses this icon pack.

Alternatively, an option to import new UI Packs from GitHub or some other medium .

Hi @Derrich_Schleich and thanks for joining our forums.

While we don’t have any current plans for adding more icon set(s) to Balsamiq, you can add your own icons at any time by following these steps: Using Images and Assets - Balsamiq for Desktop Documentation | Balsamiq

Would that help enough with your need?

Let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:

Hi Virgin,

Would it be possible to add this as a feature request? Having end users add icon packs as tiny images and then converting them to symbols is not really feasible. Considering the amount of icons they’d have to import :frowning_face:

These new icons are also not great when resizing, it doesn’t really look good and distracts users from the wireframe in general .

You know how it is with end users :slight_smile: , one icon looks funky and the wireframe is referred to as some form of excrement :slightly_frowning_face:

Sure thing! I’ve added this for us to consider in the future.

Thanks again for reaching out about this.

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