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Feature request: Link mockups


I’d like to link mockups from different projects.

Our software has several components, they are defined in individual mockup projects. Some of the workflows cover multiple components. It would be nice, if we could link and jump between them.

Exporting to PDF should support these links as well (PDF supports this, as I know it from our standard documentation).

What do you think?



Do you mean that clicking a link in an exported mockup (PDF) should then actually open a different set of mockups in a separate PDF?


Yes. That’s what we do with some of our PDF documentation. Of course this implies, that the ‘generic’ filename is used and not changed afterwards.


I would also like to see this.

We have multiple projects which all link together. I need to be able to click a link in one Mockup project, which then opens up an entirely different mockup project at a certain page to continue with our presentation flow.