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[Feature Request] Link to symbols


I know Balsamiq wasn’t meant to be a prototyping tool, but I would love to be able to link to a symbol/widget rather than a whole new page. I can’t afford to create a new page for each state. It would make my user testing a lot easier if I could, say, on click, show a symbol…?


Hi @TanyaG,
Indeed, for some types of interaction, it has no sense to have dedicated page.
Please, take a look:

Example 1. I drew a main state and added another state and descriptions close to it

Example 2. Sometimes it’s enough to show only a part of screen to make it clear for a customer


Thanks @Alexey_Kolchenko

And hello @TanyaG!

As you’ve noted, we don’t allow more granular linking than wireframes but it is a request that we get so I’ve added your vote in support of deeper linking to our tracking. Thank you!