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[Feature Request] Links within the mockup


Hi Balsamiq!

As a desinger I want to navigate quickly within the mockup when I present a design in full screen, so as a customer can understand and orient within a huge screenflow.

I use a single mockup for an app’s screenflow presenting. The screenflow is quite big. When I show the mockup to a customer in a full screen mode, I suggest the flow (see the image):

  1. I show a screen
  2. I click a control
  3. Mockup moves the canvas to display the corresponding screen

This is a specific case, still presenting a screenflow in a single mockup is convenient, and having navigation within the mockup is very useful. Othervise I need to search a target screen among a huge set manually. This is annoying.

Other tools, like Figma, Gravit, etc. have an object tree, so one can navigate quickly within the artboard.

Thank you!


Hi there Alexey

Thanks for the post and for the feature request.

That is an awesome mockup! Thanks for sharing. Your request makes perfect sense and it is a request we’ve seen before. I’ve added your support for the feature to our internal tracking. As you might imagine, we get a lot of feature requests so we have to prioritize them based on many criteria but your vote for this will add weight to consideration for adding this feature.

All the best