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Feature Request: Make Default

Would like to be able to set the default styling for each control (e.g. comment: left aligned, label: font-size XX, icon: size small). I realize that I could create a symbol and reuse that. But, we aren’t allowed to combine symbols into another symbol. And, frankly, think symbols should be a combination of controls.

Feature suggestion:

  • Add ability to mark control settings as default and apply those initial settings to when a control is used

Hello @Nick_Coleman and welcome to the forum!

This is a good suggestion and, checking our tracking, one that I am surprised we’ve not seen before. I’ve gone ahead and added your request to our tracking.

In related good news, nested Symbols (i.e. Symbols within Symbols) is a feature for which we’ve seen a steady stream of requests and we’re preparing to take a look at adding it. It’s always hard to give a realistic timeline for adding a big feature like this but we should have a better idea of our progress in ‘a few’ months.


Thanks for at least listening to feature suggestions and responding to us so quickly — I really do like that about Balsamiq.

I’m actually not a new forum member — I just couldn’t find my login :nerd_face:. I’m a software engineer and have used Balsamiq on a number of consulting projects over the last 6ish years. Every client has loved it and said they were going to adopt it as a UI design tool. So, hopefully it has brought you lots of new customers. In fact, my current project was on it’s way to total failure when I joined. One thing that literally and figuratively saved the project was wireframing the UI and flows with Balsamiq and using them for team discussions and management approvals. Keep the good work — you’re awesome!