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[Feature Request] Merging BMPR files


I’m currently looking for a method to merge two BMPR files into a single file. There doesn’t appear to be an explicit way to do this. As an alternative, I tried exporting both projects to a BMML Zip file, and then importing both of the zip files into a new project. That ‘mostly’ worked, but has a few hiccups. Specifically, the “alternates” of each screen don’t seem to be preserved in the export, and on import some of the screen names are changed with the addition of a numbered suffix. The latter isn’t a big deal, but the former is pretty much a deal-breaker. Any suggestions for a better way to do this that would preserve all the data?


Hi @Josh_Johnson,

Sorry for the hassle with this!

You’re right, there is no great method to merge two BMPR files for now unless you don’t need to bring alternates in the process. I added your request in our internal tracker so we can further discuss it with the team and think about a good way to handle this in the future.

In the meantime, the best option is probably to select all mockups from one project (recently implemented) and drag and drop them to the second one. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include alternates so you would have to drag and drop each alternate manually too (and probably rename the mockup also or it will ask to replace the original you already imported).

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for now @Josh_Johnson but thanks for sharing your need here! That kind of feedback is always a great help to work on making our little tool better.


Hello -
Don’t mean to hijack this post - but this feature - the ability to merge or combine projects - would be extremely useful for us as well.