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[Feature Request] Microsoft Teams integration for comments/replies on Balsamiq wireframes


Hi there,

While working with Balsamiq Cloud, we found pretty hard to deal with having no notifications whatsoever when new comments are posted and replied to. We need to always check if new comments are posted by keeping Balsamiq Cloud open in a browser tab and keep looking at it in case some people commented.

In addition to Balsamiq Cloud, we’re also using Adobe XD to design the “final” look & feel of our wireframes before going to development. Adobe XD, recently created an integration with Microsoft Teams, that whevener someone comments/replies, a conversation with “Adobe Creative Cloud” in opened in teams, notifiying us that someone commented.

Here’s a link that demonstrate how it works in Teams:

It would be amazing to have an integration like that with Balsamiq Cloud, that would really make the tool even better.



Hey @Guillaume_Martin!

Your post is quite timely as we are in the final stages of rolling out a more verbose notification feature for Balsamiq Cloud. I wrote about it a little bit in our October Dev Update if you’d like to take a look.

Would that work for you and your team?


Hi Brendan,

It sure does look really promising. Are you guys expecting to make those notification features available early 2019 ?

It’s a good thing to have those notifications. If you find it worthy, it would be nice to have those notifications show up in Microsoft Teams also, in the future.

BTW, i’d gladly take part in beta testing the new Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop (it’s “Mockups 4” ?), I really like the idea of ditching Adobe Flash, as it’s a dying technology. You can add me to your list of Beta testers, i’d love to test it out and report issues that i can find.

Does this desktop version sync with Balsamiq Cloud ?



Yep, we are hoping for an early 2019 release for that. Microsoft Teams is something that would have to come later, after we gauged interest. We are a much smaller company than Adobe, so we have to be pretty laser focused when it comes to features. That being said, I will make sure we talk about it!

I’d be more than happy to add you to the list, my friend. Windows, I assume? :slight_smile:


Yes, i think almost every company is smaller than Adobe. It’s such a monster.

But there’s absolutely no alternative to how Balsamiq provides a quick wireframing solution for us, without thinking about the look.

You can add me to the Windows Beta tester list, Thanks

Looking forward to that new update next year.