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Feature Request: Mockup Alternate View



Having an alternative view of a mockup will help show different version of the same mockup


If I want to show a modal, at the moment, I have to either duplicate my mockup, or create a blank one with a modal,
it would be helpful if i could have a different view of the same mockup, so i can show the functionality, in other words, like adding a sticky note to my written down mockup

This can also help when demonstrating dropdowns, having the do the same thing


Hey @lee5i3,

We actually introduced alternates in a recent release, here is the related documentation: :smile:

You will have it included in our last official version (3.1.9):

In case you are not familiar with symbols, this could also be helpful:

Let us know if you need any further information, we’re always happy to help however we can.

Happy Wireframing!