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[Feature Request] More colour control


I would like to be able to control of the following colours:

  • Combo box border
  • Tabs Bar border (H and V)
  • Tabs Bar fill colour of non-selected tabs (H and V)
  • Calendar border
  • Datagrid border
  • Field set border
  • Scroll bars border
  • Number Stepper border
  • Progress bar border
  • Progress bar fill
  • Search bar fill and border (also can I have control over square/rounded edge search box)
  • Tooltip fill, border and text (also can I have control over square/rounded edge search box)
  • Video player border
  • Volume slider
  • Window border colour
  • Window fill colour
  • Window title bar colour


Awesome @Dan,

I will get these added to the feature tracker.

For the controls you are looking to add a fill color to, try overlaying a 25% opacity shape control, and then changing it’s color. It should give you the color fill affect you are looking for!

Thanks again, Dan. Keep the suggestions coming!



I have been doing all sorts of little tricks like that but it only just occurred to me that these really simple changes would dramatically speed up ability mock up.


Has there been any movement on these features since 2015? I’d love to be able to easily set the unselected tab background colour. At the moment it is light grey against our customer’s corporate black background and sticks out like a sore thumb.


Hey @Photofitz.

I just checked on our story for this, and there haven’t been many requests for it outside of this thread. I’m sorry about that. I’ve added your comments to the story, and we will take a look at it again once our native rewrite is done.

If other folks would like to see this, please like this reply, or respond below.