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Feature Request: More font size options for default font set in Project Information pane


Hi, I like the option to set a default font and font size in the Project Information pane. However, the range of font sizes is quite restricted in comparison to individual controls. Can we set that to allow for the same font sizes, including sizes bigger than 18?


Morning @PhilippQF!

The range of sizes in the project font selector was actually a deliberate choice. We wanted to provide a range that made sense for most people on a project-wide scale. I’d love to hear more about your use case, though. It may have been something we hadn’t considered!

You can always override the default size using the {size} formatting. Also, most controls with text will have a larger range of font size choices.


I do a lot of wireframing for touch screens (and actually work mostly with a touch screen), so I like to use nice and large controls. As for the font, I prefer to use a rather large one to ensure legibility and to not underestimate the necessary screen real estate for labels and texts. For most of my standard work I found 20 to be a good default font size for all controls, and that is not available in the Project Information. Of course I know I can change it for any control, but I don’t want to have to adjust it manually for each and every one.


I will definitely pass that along to the devs, Philip. We can revisit after the rewrite :).


You’re the best, guys! :+1:


I should also mention that if other folks would like to see this, let us know by liking or commenting below. This will help us prioritize features better. :slight_smile: