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Feature Request: Multiselect mockups, assets and symbols

I’d really like to be able to select multiple mockups in the mockup panel, assets in the asset panel or symbol files in the symbols panel so that I can take actions on more than one at a time. Right now, if I need to delete or move more than one I have to select … and … do … the … same … action … to … them … one … at … a … time … which is VERY tedious. :unamused:

Obviously you will have to figure out what to show in the content area if multiple items are selected - perhaps just the grey background shown for “Assets” with the text “# selected” (e.g., “4 mockups selected”, “2 assets selected”)



I created a project from a folder full of mockups. I used to have my own FontAwesome icons assets in my global assets folder. Since FontAwesome icons are now native in Mockups 3, I don’t need to have my own assets.

So I went in the Assets section to remove all unnecessary icons. Wow! I had to manually right-click -> Move to trash every single one of them. I can’t see myself doing this for all my projects moving forward.

Multiple selection is an absolute must.

And while you’re at it, supporting the Delete key would also help speed things up.


Hey friends, thanks for your comments here. This is something that is high on our list, and is planned. It’s pretty hard, so we’ll have to see when we can get it in, but it’s coming. Thanks!

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This is also a big deal for exporting mockups. In Balsamic 2, you could close all the mockups you wanted to exclude from export. However in 3, there is no way of exporting multiple mockups without exporting all of them at once.


I saved a copy of a project which had 6 mockups in it and I wanted to save 2 of them and erase 4. Multi-select to do that would’ve been far better and fewer clicks. I hope this is coming soon!

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It would be very handy to multi-select and bulk delete mockups. I did this in the file system before but now it’s a freakin pain. This makes it really hard to use previous projects as templates for new ones.

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Yeah, that’s definitely a pain. :frowning: This is on our list. I’m adding your vote to our internal tracker now.


Please add my vote as well.


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Yes this is big deal. If I want to export not all Mockups you need to move them to trash… In this case could be a possibility to set some Mockup status like “Draft” may be in Mockup Notes window or/and by right clicking on the name. So if it has Draft status it will not be included when exporting. Also when Multiselect will work You can mark few Mockups at once (using right click).

So I create a few new mockups in a project then I want to export just the new ones. You need to export them one at a time. Why not a standard command click to select multiple ones and then you can export the selected ones?

Just a heads up, we are starting work on a feature to improve the PDF export so that you can select a subset of mockups. We’ll let you know more when we have something for you to test. Thanks!

Hi everybody!

We have good news for the PDF export. You can now choose which mockups shall be included.

The multiselect of several resources is still on our list.

Here are the complete release notes of version 3.1.2:

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I’ve run into this issue again. I’ve created a copy of a project and want to keep several base mockups, but bulk delete (maybe 20) other mockups. I’d expect to be able to click and then shift-click to select a range of mockups to delete or copy (not just Ctrl-click to select multiple).

Any update on when this feature might be expected?

Hi all,

Thanks again for the reports.

Good news! Multiple selection is included in our latest release (3.1.8).

You can get the new version (3.1.8) here:

And the complete release notes are here:

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w00t! This is awesome news. :smile:

Great news: Multiple selection in symbols is ready for testing at for those of you who are feeling brave. :smile:

Just a reminder that this is a pre-release version, so do not use it on mission-critical work. :wink:

Is multi-select and bulk delete mockups available in UI. Any planned date for implementing this feature? Thanks.

Hey @William_Murdoch!

Which product are you using?

Multi-select and bulk delete are available now in Mockups 3 for Desktop.

You can download the most up-to-date version here.