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[Feature Request] Naming Mockups / Outlines


I have just created a mockup. I would like to give it a name now (to establish to myself what I’m working on). The rename option is grayed out. I don’t want to have to press Save just to add a blank mockup, then do stuff, then save it again.

Because of the lack of rename I can’t really create an outline of all the screens that I need to design - then come back to them and fill them in.


Hi @Daniel_Arrizza,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. Actually, this will be addressed in the huge update we are preparing for myBalsamiq. We plan to bring the “latest” editor to our web version, where the save actions will be handled differently. I don’t have a specific date to share for this yet but we hope to have more news to share soon about it!

Sorry for the hassle in the meantime, more informations about our roadmap can be found here.