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[Feature Request] Need to be able to have Drafts

I often create lo-fis in Balsamiq, and then some pages go into hi-fi design in Axure. Devs get links to both lo-fis and hi-fis. Those lo-fi pages that are now obsolete (I don’t go back to update them)-- I have to put big bold text “obsolete”, etc., so that devs are not using them as a source of truth. Can there be a way to hide certain pages from everyone but a designer? I don’t want to trash them cause I might use them later, and I don’t want others to see them. The big bold text work around is not ideal.
You could have a section under Wireframes where pages are listed, and call it Drafts/Sandbox/Designers etc., under which I can stack all not-ready-to-view pages and call it good - I don’t think you even need permissions. There you go, I am UXing our app :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how my workaround looks like:

Hi there @TanyaG and thanks for the suggestion.

You’re right that we don’t have a feature that works exactly as you require but the first thing that came to my mind when reading your post was the Hierarchy feature. It would work in a very similar manner to what you’re doing right now but offers the benefit of collapsing the Ignore below hierarchy level so that the wireframes won’t be seen in the Navigator Panel.

It did also cross my mind that you could use the Trash feature. Wireframes which you move to the Trash are not permanently deleted until you empty the Trash so they can be restored should you need them again. Maybe you could use it but it’s not as elegant as the Hierarchy, I think.

I took a look at our tracking and see one similar, but not the same, request. I’ve gone ahead and added this case to our tracking.

Yea, the hierarchy might work for now. The problem with that is that IF somebody has a link to an obsolete wire, they will be able to access it. I’d like to be able to disallow that altogether, similar to view permissions…
Trash won’t work for me, because when I do need to reuse a wire, I’d have to go through trash to see what’s trash-trash, and what’s good-trash, plus things in trash would loose my organization (stacking order) as more trash will get added. Plus, I think people can access things in trash if they have a link… can’t remember now

Thanks for adding that to your list.

Yeah, it’s really a case of us not having a feature you’d like and trying to shoehorn something. Thanks @TanyaG .

I like this idea. I think the notion of drafts is similar to active and inactive requested on this feature request:

Is draft similar to or different from inactive?

Perhaps there would be three states:

  • Final
  • Draft
  • Inactive

If it could time into what you select/filter when exporting or presenting it would be very powerful.