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Feature Request: New element positioning


When I add a new element to a wireframe it is always added in the same spot in the top left corner of the window. It would be very convenient if the new element could be added to the last place I had clicked on the page. If I’m working in a particular area of the wireframe this would mean the new element would be added closer to where I need it. Alternatively I could click before adding the element and it could be added in just the right spot without having to drag it.


Hey Adam,

If you’re looking at a different part of the canvas, adding controls should follow you around. They will always be added to the upper-left corner of the section of canvas you’re looking at.

Is that what you’re seeing?


Hello Brendan,

Yes, that is what I see - it gets added to the upper-left corner of the section of canvas I’m looking at. It’s not broken. It don’t really even think it’s fair to call it inconvenient. I just think it would be more convenient if the newly added control was added to the part of the page where I’m working (e.g. where my mouse is at the moment, or where I clicked last or something).

For example take a look at the attached image. If I had just added the first name field, and then I added the label for “Last Name”, the next thing I’ll do is add a text input box, and it would be nice if when I added the input box if it appeared somewhere close to the Last Name label instead of in the top left corner.

Just an idea!



Oh that’s strange. Was your mouse pointer there?

I ask because if you use shift+enter when adding a control, it will be added to there your mouse pointer is (something I should have mentioned in the first post but didn’t because my brain had already left for the weekend).

Let me know if that was the case. I don’t think Quick Add uses the Duplicate Control logic, so if it wasn’t your mouse, then something strange is afoot.

(Let me know too if Shift+Enter makes it a bit more convenient - if there is room for improvement there, I’d love to hear about it.)


Yes! That is exactly what I am looking for. I would like to cancel my feature request. I would also like to say that Balsamiq is fantastic.

Thank you,



Adam, you can also duplicate the control and place it in the right place, and then transform it to the needed control. This is very fast flow and I use it quite often using hotkeys only).
In the term of keyboard shortcuts, it looks like:

  1. Select a control
  2. Press CTRL + D to duplicate it
  3. Press CTRL + T to display Transform dialog
  4. Select the needed control in the dialog anf press ENTER
  5. Move the control with keys SHIFT (optionally) + arrow keys

The other way to increase speed is using Quick draw mode. Once you try it, you’d love it badly :wink:


That is a great help. Thank you!