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Feature request: non format text (for annotations in pseudo / real code)


Sometimes I like to annotate my mockups with pseudo (or actual) code - would it be possible to have a text type “code” that doesn’t convert square brackets, curly braces, underscores (any character really) and just leaves them literal ? A fixed width font for these blocks would be super too.


I like this @kierandenshi. Annotating mockups with code makes sense. I’ll talk to the team and see what we can do about implementing a formatting rule for code.

Edit: I foolishly forgot to mention that you can escape any character in the editor.


\[link text]\

in the editor would look like

[link text]

But I know that escaping characters can become a pain if there is a lot of code in there. Just a possible solution to use while we talk about another one. :slight_smile: