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Feature Request: Notes Macro


It would be very helpful for me if we had a macro similar to {mockup-name} for {mockup-notes}. I appreciate the improved export features, but I prefer to format the export myself.

Also helpful, but less important to me:

  • {project-description} macro
  • {version-name} macro for alternate versions
  • {page-number} macro
  • The ability to use basic formatting notation in notes. See image – I am using *{color:red}1{color} Issue short description*
  • {project-name} macro. (This is not an existing field) or {filename} macro

Below is a portion of the template we use company-wide.


Hello Juliet. I don’t understand this request. If you want the notes to be in the mockup itself, why not just type them in a Text control instead of the notes panel?


For the same reason that {mockup-name} is useful - the notes panel is prominent, convenient, and it would be nice to keep everything consistent.

I like that the panel remains visible if someone is scrolling or zooming the mockup and I especially like that it’s visible if markup is hidden! When I share the .bmml file with others, it’s great that the notes panel is obvious so they won’t miss it. Leaving the notes panel empty means it’s just UI clutter, or may even make someone think there are no notes at all. I actually use a template that is 1940x1501 pixels (11x8.5 at ~176 dpi) — so my notes text control is actually hidden at 1:1 zoom (see image below), which makes it easy for people to miss if they’re viewing the .bmml

When I share the mockup as a .pdf, the notes are, for me, the most important part of the mockup so I’d prefer to size/position them myself. I’d also like them on the mockup when I export to PNG, etc.

(Image below shows that the position of the Notes text control on my mockup is cut off because my mockup is very wide.)


All good points @Juliet_Sabol, thank you. I’ll add your requests to our feature tracker.