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[Feature Request] Notify users when an update is available


When a software update rolls out, I’d like to know about it. And I’m sure you want your users to experience all those lovely bug fixes so we stop bothering you about stuff that’s been fixed.

Currently, I have to sporadically click into Help > Check for Updates… in the hopes that there’s a new update available.

Potential solution: Your design already includes that skinny bar at the bottom of the screen to notify users of an ending trial period. I imagine you could re-use that bar to notify users of available updates to the software. Just add an X icon to close out the bar, and it would be a great non-intrusive but visible alternative to randomly checking for updates.

In any case, having some kind of notification would be much appreciated.


Totally agree with you here, and we would love to do that.

Right now, because Mockups is an Adobe Air app, update notifications are kind of a pain in the butt. However, we are definitely planning on doing this with the native version.

I’m hoping we get to talk a little more about the Native version soon. It’s something we are working really hard on.

Thanks for checking in, @cko. I’m sorry we don’t have update notifications yet, but they are coming. Until then, keep an eye on for release announcements. :slight_smile:


It’s been a while Brendan, how’s this going?

(I was starting to write my own post about this very subject when I saw that one existed already.)



It is both closer than it was, but still a bit out. I’m sorry about that @Michael_Paparo.

The first native app will be the web version. We will use that as a base for the desktop versions afterwards.

Until then, I would recommend subscribing the release blog. That will send you an email anytime we have a release announcement.

I’m sorry for the continued wait on this, friends. We are working as hard as we can to get those native versions ready for you!


I will say the release blog subscription works fairly well. It’s not the same as the app telling me there’s a new version when I launch it. But the only email it sends out is the one that say “new version” so it’s almost the same.