[Feature Request] Official version URL always unique

When working in an iterative environment, I’m using “Alternate Versions” feature. So at end of a feature I might have a handful of versions named:
Official Version
Iteration #2
Iteration #1

It would be extra helpful if any version created (even the “default” version prior to ever creating an alternate) has a unique permalink. Currently, only alternate versions have unique permalinks, so with each iteration I have to go around my notion docs and update the URL (i.e. once an Official Version gets changed to an Alternate version and renamed as “Iteration #x”).

Hi @Max_Tkacz

Thanks for the post and the request. This is a very specific request and use case so I want to make absolutely sure that I understand the issue correctly.

If I understand correctly, your issue is that, when you promote an Alternate to be the Official Version, the Image Link URL for (what was) the Alternate changes to the URL of the original/previous Official Version.

Is that correct?

As it stands, this would seem to make sense as the Image Link URL for the Official Version of the wireframe is always the same, regardless of the content (i.e. regardless of whether it’s the original content or new content from a promoted Alternate). So you can always rely on the Official Version of the wireframe being at that URL.

Let me know and we can discuss with the team here. Thanks again.