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Feature Request: Option to prepend numbers to filenames when Exporting to PNG


Hi Balsamiq team,

I would really love to see a checkbox option added somewhere within the “Export All to PNG” process:

[ ] Prepend numbers to filenames

Is this on your roadmap at all?

Context: I often use Fullscreen Mode to present a series of mockups to clients in real time, and then I want to share the materials with them afterward. I create a PDF, but I and many clients like to see the screens as PNGs, so I Export All to PNG as well.

The next step is to put all the PNGs in a Dropbox folder, and share a link to that folder, which allows my clients to see the PNGs as a slideshow in Dropbox’s web app. It’s a nice, lightweight way to review what we discussed right in the browser, without leaving to open a PDF.

The problem: After export, my PNGs are all out of order, and it takes me many minutes (depending on project size) to manually add numbers to the filenames so they’re back in the proper order.

This may be obvious, but an example – if 5 mockups in my .bmpr are in this order:

  • Intro
  • Start
  • Add New Object
  • Save Object
  • Confirm

…then my file system (and Dropbox) will organize the exported PNGs alphabetically, so the order becomes:

  • Add New Object
  • Confirm
  • Intro
  • Save Object
  • Start

…totally wrong. I do the following manually, but it would be great if Balsamiq gave me the option to export the files named thus:

  • 01 Intro
  • 02 Start
  • 03 Add New Object
  • 04 Save Object
  • 05 Confirm

Please let me know if this is a reasonable idea and could potentially be added in a future release. Thank you!

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I should briefly add: Adding numbers manually to the beginning of each mockup name in Balsamiq Mockups itself is not an acceptable solution for me, as mockups tend to get re-ordered on the fly pretty regularly during the design process. I used to do manual numbering like this, but maintaining it was a nightmare.


I like this idea @jimoneill. We had talked about a way to show mockup order in PNG exports, but nothing as simple as a number prepended to it.

I’ll give this a nudge and see if this is something we can do :smile:

And thank you, seriously, for taking the time out of your day to write a detailed suggestion, Jim. We really appreciate it. If there are other things you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to shoot them our way! You feature requests can help us make Mockups better for everyone!


Thanks @Brendan!

Couple of follow-up notes that have occurred to me:

  • I have not yet played with Alternates, or with the new grouping feature in the Mockups sidebar, so I don’t know how those would play out with the filename numbering. I’ll leave that to the folks who know the ins & outs of the application :smile:

  • My hope is that the system would intelligently add leading zeroes to the filename numbers based on how many total mockups are being exported. My preference would be that for totals under 100, each file gets a single leading zero (01), and for totals from 100-999, each file gets two (001), etc. Others might have a different perspective or preference.

Thanks again!


I would love this option as I put them in Keynote (OS X) for a variety of reasons. My workflow is:
Export to PDF
Open PDF and Export to PNG
Open new presentation in Keynote
Select all images in Finder and drop on the left page column which makes a slide of each.

Only drawback with that method is that the images are ful size so usually off the top and bottom of the stock page size of the presentation.


Would like to request this feature.

I just did a project with 70 slides… needed to export them to PNG for the design team and the order was a nightmare. Then had to go back through 70 slides and add numbers… then had to add a few slides in the middle… and go back through and re-number like 50 slides. Huge pain. Would LOVE to have the option to export to PNG prepended numbers to preserve order.

To enable it, just add another check-select item in the menu below “Use Transparent Background for PNGs” titled, “Prepend Slide Number to Export” and you’re done! (=


@Brendan Better make that a huge nudge. Still numbering my 24 slides by hand, which is really a pain.


We hear you @Le_Doc, and it’s something we plan to look at as soon as we are done with this huge rewrite we have been working on.

I’ll make sure the team knows you’re looking for this too. It’s not a feature that we get a lot of requests for, but we know it’s super important to the folks who would make use of it.


Great, thanks! It’s really a small thing to implement and would be such an improvement to your already great product.