Feature request: organize mockup using folders in mybalsamiq.com


It looks like folders for organizing mockups are available in Mockups3 but not online. We really like the online version for collaboration but this is a huge limitation as we expect to have some very complex workflows with hundreds of mockup screens.


Hey @jlilley, I just replied to the other thread before checking this one. Sorry about that!

This is coming to myBalsamiq, and soon :). We are hoping for a beta this summer. Bugs willing, we will be able to release shortly after that.


Hello there,

Just want to check if this functionality has been implemented now?


Hi @olivesu and thanks for checking on this one. :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re using Mockups 3 for Google Drive, right?

We’ve implemented this feature recently, please check the Using Mockup Hierarchy section on this page.

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here.



I was. Yes, Mockup 3 for Google Drive has this functionality.

I was thinking to change to myBalsamiq (we have a team of 4 people). Is this functionality has been implemented to myBalsamiq?


Thanks for clarifying your need, @olivesu.

While this functionality is not available in myBalsamiq for now, it will be included in the next major version (native!) that we are preparing for our web product.

No ETA yet but we recently started the private beta phase. We’ll make sure to let you all know here once it’s ready for prime time.


No, not yet.

I would suggest you to wait a few weeks until the current beta will be released. It would be worth it :slight_smile:


Thank you both for the fast response. We will continue using Google Drive version for a few weeks now.