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Feature Request: Organize People in Groups


Hello there!

I happen to use Blasamiq Cloud to share my mock-ups with all developers in my organization. The thing is we have more than 60 people that are being given overview and comment access to different projects. It would be very helpful to group People and then use the groups in the Project sharing options rahter than each single user. Also adding a new person to a group would automatically set his/her rights to all necessary Projects at once.

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance,


I could totally see a use for that @Yorgos. Let me write up a story, and then we can talk about it as a team.

If other folks would like to see this, like or reply to this post, and I will make sure to add your comments to the story.

Thanks for the great idea, Yorgos. If you can think of anything else you’d like to see, let me know!


Awesome! Thanks!


Hey @Brendan!

Did you guys have a chance to evaluate this?



We haven’t yet, @Yorgos. As soon as we ship these desktop apps, looking at features like this will be our top priority :).