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Feature request - outline fonts


Due to the nature of my work I often need to place text on top of background images.

Usually the GUI in the final product will use outline fonts to ensure legibility, however to simulate this I am forced to add a semi-transparent rectangle behind the text string. It looks messy and can sometimes confuse developers who think I actually want it implemented like this.

It would be great if we could add a white or black text outline to a text label or paragraph object. Any chance of getting this in a future update? It’d save me soooo much time and hassle! :slight_smile:


I think I know what you’re looking for, Chris, but would it be possible to shoot me a screenshot just to be sure?

I want to make sure that I on the right path before moving forward :).


Sure - here are three images. Two are done in Balsamiq (one with, one without the semi transparent box). The other is done in Word with an outline font.


Ahh, that is what we thought. Thanks for clarifying!

I’d be happy to pass this along, but it may also help if you install an outline font on your system (like this one).

While it won’t help in all situations, maybe it will be a good short-term solution.


Wouldn’t that force all texts in the project to use outline fonts?


You’re right, Chris. It would indeed imply that all texts in the project use this font.

I’m adding your request in our internal tool so the team is aware that there is a need for it. The only thing is that this would imply some significant changes and could go against our goal to keep Mockups as Easy-to-use as possible.

I would recommend using the Comment control in this case, it allows you to share any comment with your team and makes it clear that this is only a side annotation for the team (and not a final design).


Sticky notes aren’t the answer really. Often the features I design hinge upon textual / numeric info on top of images. It’s a bit hard to explain, but right now the only way I can illustrate the functionality is with semi-transparent boxes as mentioned earlier. There are usually multiple other features combined on one image, so sticky notes would just pile up.

I’d hope outline font could be handled just like all the other text formatting options we already have (bold, italic, underline etc). The outline colour could be automatic, based on the text colour (just like the text colour in sticky notes is automatic based on the note colour - the same mapping could probably apply)